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All I can say is WOW. I keep reading, looking for something you must have missed. You are certainly to be commended for an outstanding job at  creating a masterpiece. I never in a thousand years expected to see the words "zero increase" in any of our future budgets, but you have somehow performed a miracle. It  is just mind boggling to think of all we have accomplished this year and are still able to present this kind of budget for the following year.  I hope you will all continue to guide <our association> finances in years to come.  F. H. - Vero Beach HOA

At Golden Sands Community Management, Inc., it isn’t enough for us to merely meet your needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional community association management services at a level of quality surpassing that of any other source. While doing so, we believe it is paramount to be friendly to our customers, help educate them in the nuances of community living and board management and charge a fair price for our time and expertise.


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How do we do it? By providing each of our clients with:

  • highly qualified, highly trained, proactive management teams offering innovative solutions
  • flexible service options to fit your specific needs
  • a Sense of Humor while maintaining professionalism
  • prompt response within one business day, and
  • effective solutions that are fair and respectful to all parties
  • Using technology for time management and communications. After all, less time is less money YOU spend.

If you’re looking for something more from your management team, look no further than Golden Sands Community  Management, Inc, email:



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