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About Us

A Unique Company with BIG Ideas!

Golden Sands Community Management is here for you. Bob & Janet Begley wanted to create a company that was loyal to its clients, friendly to its customers and vendors and protective of the community assets that have been placed in their care.

They could not imagine a better mascot and emblem for their company than the trusty golden retriever. Being dog lovers and owners of several golden labs over the years, it seemed quite natural that the friendliest dog on the planet be incorporated in to the company name which bares its traits.



Sand represents many things to many people. The passage of time (like through an hourglass), the strength of the ocean and the comfort of the beach as an example.

Again, all things that Golden Sands is built on. Taking the time to develop relationships with the board and the residents fosters a “team” attitude working towards a common goal. Our strength is in our knowledge of association management, working with vendors, finding unique solutions to common and difficult problems and fairly dealing with association members with declaration or covenant issues.

The comfort aspect of our company comes in to play in your day to day interaction with us. We’re easy to do business with! We’re accessible. We make it easy to be a board member too by professionally handling the day to day operation. We care about your community as much as you do and will not rest until all the needs of the community have been met….everyday.