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When you are living under one roof, you are more than just an association.

The shared responsibility of condominium living presents special challenges. You share guardianship of a valuable investment as well as that of a quality of lifestyle. Without an experienced guide, your association is setting itself up for failure. That’s why you want Golden Sands Community Management on your side. Our seasoned, professional association managers foster cooperation and promote stability. Our management team promises:

Active involvement with your community

Innovative solutions and diligent follow through

Maintenance of a consistent cash flow through an aggressive, yet fair and respectful, collections policy, and

Monthly inspections and financial reporting

In addition, your Golden sands manager will maximize your budget dollars by continually seeking savings without sacrificing the quality of your maintenance and repair services. New community? We bring invaluable experience and insight into working with developers and new boards to ease the stress of transition.

With Golden Sands Community Management, you have access to the collective expertise of some of the best managers in the business. We’re more responsive, more communicative and better prepared to offer guidance in governing your association. It’s no wonder we have a proven track record for customer retention. Learn more about what Golden Sands Management can do for you. Call now.

Homeowner Associations

Good homeowners associations make great neighbors.

One of the best ways to enhance the value of your property–and the quality of your lifestyle–is to surround yourself with good neighbors. The key to building a successful neighborhood is a strong and productive homeowners association. Your Golden Sands Community Management association manager will help you reach this goal through smooth and efficient governing. You’ll have access to the most responsive association management team in the business and enjoy added-value services including:

  • Monthly site inspection reports
  • Complete monthly financial reporting
  • Aggressive, yet fair and respectful, collections policy
  • Response to your calls and e-mails within one business day, and
  • 24-hour emergency service

In addition, our managers continually seek out the best possible values for you, paying special attention to the long term success of your community. What sets Golden Sands Community Management apart from typical managers? Our trained professionals are:

  • Licensed professionals with advanced national designations
  • Willing to listen to all concerns and opinions
  • Prepared to guide the association toward sensible solutions
  • Able to foresee and avoid potential problems and set backs
  • Experienced and tactful at negotiation
  • Capable of conducting efficient and productive meetings
  • Committed to ongoing education so you benefit from the most recent strategies from industry experts

That’s what we mean when we say Golden Sands gives you what you need… and more. But don’t take our word for it. Put our innovative and dependable team to work today.

Commercial Condos

“One of the best investments you make as an entrepreneur is to buy the space where your business is located,” says David Bach, author of the best-selling book Start Late, Finish Rich. “For most entrepreneurs, it is a no-brainer.”  – Forbes Magazine.

Owning a commercial condo for your business is a very smart decision and a profitable real estate investment. Many successful entrepreneurs and investors purchase commercial condos as a business strategy. They increase the value of their business as well as their portfolio. These units may be used for many commercial purposes such as retail stores, professional offices, medical practices, restaurants, beauty salons, grocery stores, gyms and many more.

Our skilled team of professionals concentrate on keeping the common areas looking sharp and handling the day to day operation of the association while you concentrate on running your business and taking care of your customers.

Mixed Use Developments

The Perfect Balance of Lifestyle vs. Need

What could be better than living and working in the same community? Many professional planners are now advocating the mixed use zoning ideas used many years ago in big cities to form neighborhoods. The photo above is an example of a urban mixed use development. Today, communities like Viera to our north or Tradition to the south and Celebration to the west are perfect examples of how excellent planning can create a environment the fosters family, business, recreation and the arts.

The professionals at Golden Sands Community Management, LLC have the talent to properly manage your multi use community. Understanding the needs of the residents and the requirements of the commercial tenant, make us the perfect choice to ensure success.

Association Newsletters

When Information Is Lacking, The Mind Will gladly Fill In The Gaps!

Our team of communications experts stand ready to assist your association in conveying your message in a concise and personal style that will have your members waiting for the next edition of the newsletter.

We can write, design and publish your……

  • Community Print Newsletter
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Email Blasts
  • Survey Questions

Community Website Hosting

Put the power of the internet to work for your association.

Community websites are a great way to communicate with owners, share emergency information and keep useful forms available to your members 24 hours a day. We offer our clients very reasonable hosting rates, design services. You can even collect association assessments through your website for easier cash flow.

Association Accounting

Big or Small…. Every Association has to keep a sharp eye on expenses and collections. If you are handling the day to day chores of your association but don’t have the time or expertise to manage the finances, give us a call. We can work out special pricing to handle all of your association finances and provide a detailed monthly report to you. Our state of the art association accounting software has the ability to generate hundreds of different reports and analysis information for you.

Don’t Delay….. Call us today to discuss your needs and receive a management proposal.

We’re Waiting for You!